Corrupt files from USB Backup

So I had a usb drive plugged into the WD EX4 and copied 2tb worth of data over to it and after the copy was complete i checked the amount of data on both drives to make sure that everything copied and it was all the same, so then i wiped my ex4 and then after that found out that my video files that were over 4gb were all corrupted. They won’t open with any media player. I have video clips from the same camera that are smaller than 4gb and they are fine but any video file larger than that got corrupted, but the file size is there and I tried to use some video recovery software but what it is ‘recovering’ is some of the original files, but also a lot of other random video clips that were not associated with those projects. So I’m just assuming I’m screwed, but it would have been nice to have a warning before I started copying all the data.

I’m guessing it is because my usb 3.0 HDD was formatted for Mac OS Extended (journaled) but I don’t get why it would copy those files and just corrupt them… Anyone have any ideas on how to fix them/ recover data?


What happens if you connect the USB Drive directly to the Mac? Are you able to see and play the videos?

If stills the same, I’ll recommend you to contact WD Support for direct assistance.

WD Contact info:

I was emailed and emailed back never got a response. please help with this issue