Corrupt external HD after 2 and half months of purchase

Hi can someone help, I bought


Western Digital Elements 2TB Portable Hard Drive - 3.0/2.0 USB

on ebay, Australia and already it is corrupt. I am travelling in Thailand for work and need to back up my work ASAP. One day it worked and despite ejecting it properly, the next day as I plugged it into my Mac it damaged my computer as well. I tried again and the same thing occured. I will need a replacement ASAP., it’s under warranty. Am in Chiang Mai, Thailand…it was made in Thailand surely I can get some help. I don’t think I have the serial number on me for this. Can someone advise me as what to do. I’ve travelled with many ext. HD from other brands and this is the first time it’s ever happened. I need details where to go in Chiang Mai, what steps do I take etc. Is it possible to get data back?

Please help asap


I recommend you contact support directly.

General Phone Support

You can also take a look at the information in this KB article.

How to replace a product outside of the United States and Canada 

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Thankyou for your suggestions…,

this whole process seems so slow, complicated and inconvenient for someone who needs an external HD now, as well I’m in another country. I can’t even find the appropriate serial number Online that matches my WD ext. HD. But thatnks anyway will follow it

and some of the Online sites for WD including the security challenges at the end of the page which are frequently illegible, are not user friendly.