Corrupt Data

There are several posts here about data on the external drive being corrupt and inassesible. How many people have defragged those drives? In the past I was having trouble with My Book Pro not being recognized and being messed up, disconnecting rebooting reconnecting fixed it. I finally discoverd the problem was a third party defrag program JKdefag . I quit using the shoftware and no longer defrag external drives and no problems in over 3 months. I suspect it may have to do with the optomize feature in the defraag program.


I use auslogics to defrag my computer, and when I defrag my computer’s C: drive, I also defrag my External drive.

So, your saying I should not be defragging the external drive at all?

I will try and unplug and reboot my Xternal drive if you will explain to me how I should do that properly.

Thanks Joe


I’m just guessing by process of elimination. To remove properly just click on the little icon in task bar it will popup a message asking which drive to eject select and wait for propmt safe to remove hardware. A lot of people just unplug and that can cause problems. I use my USB drives for backups so after talking with other knowledgable people came to the conclusion they don’t need regular defraging. If you are constantly using the drive that would be different. I also use Aulogistics defrag now.