Corrected problem of video files freezing-up

WD TV Live Media Player developed a problem making it useless to me.  My original firmware was 2.02.32. Video files would play for 10 or 15 mins and lock-up.  The only way to get out of it was to unplug the unit and plug it back in.  By the way, other squirrely problems developed before that.  It wouldn’t turn on sometimes unless I disconnected it and reconnected it.  Sometimes it wouldn’t shut off.  Sometimes it would run out of memory 2 mins after I turned it on. The internet is hard wired, it sits on a shelf in a fairly cool area of the house with nothing on either side. Anyway, after a lot of frustration dealing with it myself I called tech support.  They emailed me the link below which took me to a page with a lot of different firmware options. The tech told me to download version 2.01.86. and follow the instructions, which were very close to what you actually got on screen. Bottom line…it seems to have worked. All videos play all the way through and the other flakey **bleep** seems to have been eliminated as well. When you get to this website you’ll see that this fimware number is not for the “Live Media Player”. She assured me that in fact it was. Another note, make sure that all hard drives, thumb drives, etc., are disconnected except, of course, the thumb drive with the new downloaded and unzipped firmware files. Good luck!

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Thank you very much for sharing this information, hopefully this will assist some users on the forums that are experiencing the same issue.