Correct password to unlock 500 GB USB 3.0 My Passport does not work

There seems to be many people with this problem so it can’t be isolated, it has to be something wrong with the program of WD itself.  I’m pretty sure when they ask you to create a password that they have you type it twice just in case, and I know I have been typing the correct password.  I haven’t even gotten the chance to use it again after I saved most of my important files before I reformatted my computer in solving a computer problem, and after I got a new one after seeing that it was a hardware failure(but if I recall I couldn’t unlock my drive even on the computer I saved my files on the Passport on either).  Unfortunately the first email I sent to one representative asked me questions about it and I didn’t take it seriously cause I thought I could’ve resolved it by finding the password I wrote to double check(and I did eventually).  So that case closed, and the second representative just said he couldn’t do anything and just told me to erase my drive after I told him that I had important files and many files at that.  Why?

There is no master password for the drive since it will defeat the sole purpose why there’s a password to begin with.

If the drive gets lost someone else could unlock the drive and retrieve the files.

In this type of circumstances we recommend trying the usual passwords you regularly use or checking to see if a password hint was entered.

For more information about Smartware security see the following link: