Correct music sorting via DLNA on MBLD anyone?

After several attemps to see and play the tracks of music albums stored on my My Book Live Duo (4TB) in the right track order instead alphabetically, I give up. I start to believe that the MBLD simply can’t do it and I should stop wasting my time with endless experiments of retagging and renaming the files.

Has anybody achieved to stream the tracks of an album in the correct order via DLNA on the MBLD in the Artist/Album view?

From where are you trying to access the music tracks? Some media player, computer?

I use a Cyrus Streamline as Streamer but tried several DLNA clients on my iPad also. All show the same (wrong) alphabetical order of the music tracks provided by the WD MBLD.

Come up against this problem on all the devices I’ve got (PC’s , N900, Transformer Prime, Sony TV) and only managed to get the correct ordering using Winamp & the on2share plugin for the PC.

List out the albums or folders in winamp using the on2share plugin. Select the album/folder songs, drag them over to the playlist editor and re-sort on filename…not a great solution!

Even then…not all my music albums/folders are listed…

Using Windows mediaplayer on Vista PC, it picks up the albums but not all the songs within them!

Fed up… 

Having the same problem with A Marantz NA7004 Music Streamer.

Sort order is ALWAYS alhabetical -  Also seems to throw up duplicate track names when you browse by  Album or Artist category,  but that is bearable, because I can ignore that and browse by file structure.

Problem is though that despite the files being numbered in track order, and ID tags being correct- The ordering is geing ignored and its just displaying alpabetically.   This is no good for music.

It seems there’s a resolution for the Twonky version here.    But I don’t know how or where to locate the equivalent of the .XML sort file for the new WD DLNA server.

Any clues anyone? -