Corectly align inproperly made partition under Linux Arch

So, here are my partitions:

  1. Windows 8 © - Aligned - 174,7 GB - NTFS
  2. Unlabeled - Not aligned - 972,7 MB - 0x83 (Linux native) - made using fdisk during Arch Linux installation
  3. Unlabeled - Not aligned - 7,630 GB - Linux Swap - made using fdisk during Arch Linux
  4. Unlabeled - Not aligned - 27,94 GB - 0x83 (Linux native) - made using fdisk during Arch Linux installation
    FREE SPACE - 138,4 GB
  5. Entertainment (E) - Aligned - 349,3 GB - NTFS
    O.K, so I guess you already figured out what the problem is. Yesterday, when I was installing Arch Linux, I
    made those 3 partitions using fdisk ( previously, I used fdisk-b to change the
    cluster to 4096 kb - is that a good thing or not?  :neutral_face:) and I figured out on the
    way that those 3 partition I just made was misaligned. I then restarted and
    tried to fix it using WD align tool under Windows 8 but, although it showed it
    finished with some errors, it showed that the operation to align the 3
    partitions was successfully. But, after one restart, the 3 partitions were still
    misaligned. I then tried to proper align the partitions using Gparted
    (PardedMagic) but I didn’t know what to do there… So I didn’t change
    How can I realign those partitions? Moving/Resizing them is the
    solution? I’m waiting for a response. :smiley:
    Thanks in advance.


To my understanding that utility is not fully compatible with linux partitions.

Try with a different utility.

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And what are the other align programs? I can only found Acronis Align Tool. :neutral_face:

The problem is gone. All I had to do was to reformat those partition as NTFS and then to use the WD Acronis Align Tool on them.