Copying Win7 OS from PATA to larger SATA

I have an older, home built system (ASUS A8V & 2gh AMD cpu w/a WD 160gb hdd) which had Win XP pro on it. I recently upgraded to Win 7 (since Microsoft is ending support this april) but the system performance is not to my liking. what I need to know is if I can transfer everything from the PATA drive to the SATA drive with both drives connected to the ASUS mb (mb has SATA ports as well as PATA (EIDE) ports). I also have a PATA DVD drive on secondary port. Can the SATA HDD and the PATA DVD work together on this system??  (I plan on replacing MB, CPU & RAM later on) .

Hi, you should have no problem in transferring files from a PATA to SATA drive.