Copying System Image


I hope that someone can please help me with the following.

I have set up WD MyCloud 2T for use with my laptop running Windows 7 Home. I have then use the Windows Backup and Restore programme to create a system image. Appartently Windows 7 Home does not allow this backup to be saved across a network so I have saved it on to my D drive which is a second hard drive on the laptop.

I then want to manually copy this system image on to MyCloud. It copies vast majority of the files very quickly. However, the copying dialogue box remains for a few hours and when it does finally disappear I’m not confident that it has worked. 

Can anyone confirm if this is the behaviour I should expect or if there is anything I should do differently.

Any help is much appreciated.


You need W7 Pro or Ultimate for NAS system image. Otherwise the copy process will be long.

Just get another mirror backup program that supports storing to a mapped NAS.