Copying some files loss of properties

A number of files prompted with me “loss of property” warnings while copying files from my computer C drive to the shares on the device.  Upon analysis of what the properties were set to before and after the copy, it seems as though it throws this warning when the source file has a create date after the modified date.  I’m not sure how the source file got in this state, but after the copy operation, the created date is the same as the modified date.

I was wondering if others had experienced the same or could confirm this as being an issue.

How are you copying the files to the EX4?

Having a created date that is after the modified date is not that unusual, and can happen if you copied a file from one location to another.  A lot of times this will also happen with downloaded zip files and when you unzip the files in the zip to your drive.

I was using Windows explorer on a Win 7 box. Copy from one window paste to another.

Why would it be an issue?   The warning is valid.

Not in my opinion.  If the drive is capable of acting as a Windows NAS device, it should be capable of copying the properties “as is”.  In my opinion, this puts this device in the “half baked” category.

Is it the same warning as in this thread.

if so

Whats the best approach then?  Just ignore it?