Copying of files access denied after 20 minutes

Kindly share if anyone of you here encountered a problem like what I had experience. After rebooting the NAS WDSharespace device, copying to any shared folder is fine without any problem, after around 20 minutes disaster come, when the procedure of copying to exactly the same folder, an “access denied” message appear, no configuration changes has been made at all, and we need to reboot/restart the device, then it will be fine, after 20 minutes disaster comes again. do we need to always reboot this device in order for us to use it? why it happen like this? what is the possible cause of the problem? any help would be appreciated…

Thank you.

Note that this subforum (My Cloud) is generally for the single bay My Cloud device which is different than the WD ShareSpace device. You may want to look in the Community Archive > ShareSpace section to see if any issues and solutions discussed there may help solve your issue.