Copying Large Folders on WD MyCloud

How do I copy (upload) large folders. My photo folder is 60 GB and will need 20 hrs to copy on the drive. I do not want to keep my system oON for 20 hrs. Is there any way where I can start the copy, then shut my computer when I want to, and when I switch on my system, the copy command continues from where it left off.

What is your setup?

Examnple, wireless, router etc…

20hrs is not normal.

For me 14GB of photos took 21 mins.

I have coonected mycloud to gigabit router via Ethernet cable (make sure the cable is gigabit cable). My pc is connected to the router via cable as well.

If you are using wireless then  you are out of luck, It depends on your wirelss signal strength, and many other factors.