Copying Individual Files to Hub from External USB Hard Drive?

I simply want to transfer individual files from various external hard drives to my WD Hub- how do I do this? Thanks in advance.

Use the COPY or MOVE functions.

highlight the video you want, hit OPTIONS, then select COPY or MOVE and follow the steps from there.

Thank you very much

can this be possible on the wdtv live hub media center. I hooked up the usb drive but it starts syncing every file. I want to be able to select a folder and have it sync that instead. any help would be appreciate it. where on the menu do I go to find the copy or move option on the wdtv live hub media center? thank you. 

When you’re browsing the USB storage, hit the OPTIONs button, and you’ll see Move and Copy on the list.

If you don’t want to SYNC, then you can turn that option off in the Setup menus.

Thanks. I wasn’t using the original remote, I was using my Harmony one with the old setting of my wdtv.  thanks it works fine. now to set up wireless on both of them. to stream between them. thanks again for your help. any suggestions on the best router for streaming also wireless adapter? I currently have a linsys 310. was supposed to be a good router. let me know if you think I should get something different.