Copying from attached drive


I attached my WD Password to copy my files to my cloud home duo

1- I can see the attached drive and copy files only on the mobile app. Can’t find it on my dashboard on desktop. So I had to use the mobile app to copy files.

2- I started around 8 hours ago, it seems it is still copying. Where is the progress bar, when is this going to finish? How come there is no such feature.


Hi aliogul,

You can monitor the My Cloud Home USB backup job progress in the My Cloud Home Mobile App. Once the USB Backup job has completed, there will be a notification pushed to the My Cloud Home mobile app. You can have a look on below article for further details:

well, I got the notification when it was finished but I had to wait without knowing the progress.

yes it showed the progress when I first started copying but then I couldn’t see that screen again. I simply had to wait until i got the notification.