Copying files to a new HDD

I’ve been a happy SMP user the past two weeks, but I quickly realized that I needed a new bigger HDD and I ordered one.

Can I just transfer the files to the new HDD? Do I need the hidden wdtv folder too?

I have backdrops and stuff like that, can I just copy-paste them or do I need to manually ThumbGen them.

And another thing. My HDD has two folders in root, one called Movies and one called TV.

Thing is when I connect it to the SMP I get an additional folder in the files tree like these two folders are not in root.

I go to “VIDEOS” and then I have a folder existing there, I have to press OK and then go to the two folders.

Is this normal? This additional folder does not appear under Windows.

  >>>  Do I need the hidden wdtv folder too?

No, you can eliminate it, because when you connect the newly loaded drive to the WD, will be re-generated – anytime a change is made to drive is updated…  Every so often some of us just delete it, as it can get corrupted, and a fresh re-do can sometimes help.

Thanks, I thought so.

What about the “phantom” folder. I’m almost sure that it didn’t exist initially.

In Windows I still get my two folders in root, in SMP they seem to be inside this folder.

The fact that you are copying existing files to a new HD is irrelevant, so the WD files on the old drive are, too.

It’s as if you are copying completely different media to the drive, so just put the media folders/files on the new drive, and when ready, connect to the media player and it will take care of the rest.