Copying files remotely

I have found recently that I am unable to copy files from my office to my MBL at home. To be fair they arte typically fairly large files of 1-2gb in size. They start to copy bu then seem to fail at some point mid way through the transfer. A ‘remnant’ of the file remains on the MBL and I am unable to delete it remotely as it informs me that the files is in use.

I’m on a mac  and mounting the MBL via WD2Go. Is there a better and more reliable way to access it? Perhaps FTP?




it can be accessed through FTP 

make sure you are not having issues caused by any firewall or proxies at work

Also if you have SSH enable you may use rsync, I do daily automatic backup from my office to my NAS in home.

rsync is realy good, especially on large files that don’t change the 100% of the data