Copying files from one dual-drive to another

I have 2 8Tb My Book Thunderbolt Duo dual-drive storage devices, formatted RAID 0. One of them contains media files created by my video editing software. The other one is  empty.

I would like to make an exact copy of these files on the other Thunderbolt device to use as a backup. That is, I want the files on drive A (4Tb) of the 1st device to go to drive A of the 2nd device, and the files on drive B (4Tb) of the 1st device to go to drive B of the 2nd device. The problem is that I can’t view the contents of the internal 4Tb drives A and B separately. If I simply drag all the files from the 1st Thunderbolt device to the 2nd, I assume they won’t automatically be copied to the corresponding 4Tb (A or B) drive at the destination. In addition, as I create new media files and delete some older ones, I will need to continue updating the 2nd device in the same way.

Is there a way to do this?



Hello rivaf, if you are using RAID 0 the files you save on the Thunderbolt will be evenly split on the two hard drives. The same thing will happen if you copy the same files on the second Thunderbolt drive.

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Hi jubei04. Thanks, but I am not sure I understand. Are you saying that if I just drag all the media files in the 1st Thunderbolt’s folder on to the 2nd Thunderbolt they will automatically go to the corresponding A or B 4Tb drives on the 2nd Thunderbolt? That is what I want to happen. But I assumed it would not be that simple and that I would need either some special copy software or else the ability to look at the 4Tb A and B drives separately and copy them separately.

My reason for doing this is that if one internal drive fails I want to be able to replace it with the other Thunderbolt’s corresponding internal drive, i.e. not have to swap out the entire Thunderbolt drive.  Also, I can have only one Thunderbolt  on-line at a time, since my software does not like to see duplicate files.