Copying Files from OldNAs(Dlink DNS-323) to MyCloudmirror

Hi and thank you for reading this!

Just installed the my new mybookcloudmirror.

Setting up was easy…works like a charm.

Now, while everything is shiny i want to backup all my media from my old but trusty DNS-323 via rsync to the new device.

I did searched the forum for rsync threads that could fit my needs…found nothing.

Right now i can ssh in both devices and need help:

1: which thread in the forum did i miss, that shows some inside?

2:did someone manage to do something like that?

3: is there another clever way for doing filetransfer from Old to New?

If i did not find the proper thread or did not search correct, please tell me nice and slow…i am getting old…

Welcome to the Community.

Most of the RSYNC threads I have seen are posted in the WD MY Cloud EX2 & EX4 forums. Hopefully they have the information you are looking for.

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Thank you Trancer,

would not have found these threads, i was only searching in Personal Cloud Storage …

My pleasure.