Copying files from My Password to WDMycloud


I have a 1 TB My Passport and I wish to copy its contents to WDMycloud. So I connected the former to the latter using USB and used WD My Cloud to copy and paste the whole folder which is 500 GB+. I believe My Passport is USB 2 so it’s taking for ever. My question is, if I close WD My Cloud or shut down my PC would the transfer continue or stop? if it stops, would it resume once I turn on the computer or do I have to copy and paste again?

Is there a better way I can accomplish this transfer without going back and forth?


I have moved contents from a 1TB to a 2TB drive; both were USB2.  It was an all day experience.  This is a lot of data to move at USB2 speeds.  Be patient; it’s a job best started for overnight duty if you move all at once.  If you stop. you may or may not have to start over.  This is why, when I did the task, I did not try to move ALL the contents over in one fell swoop – I moved a bunch of folders, and when done, a bunch more, etc, etc.  It took all day.

The drives I was using are 7200 RPM drives in their own enclosures w/ their power supplies.  Your Passport is 5400 RPM and USB port powered.  I would not be surprised to know that the My Cloud drives may be 5400 RPM drives as well.  None of this speeds things up any better.

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