Copying files changes attributes

When copying files from my laptop to a folder on my cloud the original dates of the file are being changed to the current date rather than retaining the date attributes of the original file. How can I ensure this is retained?

Weird is that for some files the data is retained and I can not figure out where the logic is.

What program are you using to copy the files to the My Cloud? Windows File Explorer, Mac Finder, the web portal, or something else?

Generally the creation date/time for a file will be the date it was created on the My Cloud. Other dates can be changed or preserved, if Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder doesn’t preserve them, by using other file manager programs or command line programs that have specific options to preserve file dates/times. There are also various programs one can use to bulk change the file date/time after being copied.

TeraCopy for Windows ( is one popular Windows program some use to copy files and preserve dates/times.

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Thanks, I am copying them using standard file explorer but will give your suggested tool a try.

Weird is still that some files are ok and others just change the dates and I can not attribute this to one specific type or event.

Agree with Bennor , there are some tools like Teracopy , Carbonite , Gs Richcopy360 ,GoodSync ,…etc can preserve the timestamps while transferring to the cloud