Copying and moving files

I use a My Book LIve Duo and the WD Quick View app sat on my toolbar. When I used Windows 8.1 it was easy to copy files/folders from my My Book and tranfer them elsewhere. Since I now use Windows 10, the Quick View app doesn’t work and we’re apparently waiting for WD to issue an update. (I tried compatiblity mode unsuccesfully)

I can still access the My Book via the My Cloud app, but when I  right click and select copy on a file or folder, that then doesn’t allow me to paste when I try to move the file/folder elsewhere.

What am I doing wrong?..and when will quick view be available for Windows 10!!!

Any help appreciated.  

Hello there, WD Quick view is not yet compatible with Windows 10.

Have you tried connecting manually to the drive? Have you tried putting on the search bar “\drivename”? Without the quotes.

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Have you tried draging and droping the files? let me know if it works.

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Thanks for replying.

I haven’t, only because I don’t want to lose them from my NAS! (I mainly use it to store my FLAC files for the Music Library in my Sonos system) I just want to occassionally share files with friends via eg Dropbox

Just tried it with a random file and it worked!!! Tried with a folder and it was transferred but converted to an empty zip file. So we’re getting there. Thanks again,

Why are you using the apps and/or WD My Cloud web portal instead of just using Windows Explorer natively?

Those other options should only be necessary when accessing remotely.

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Probably trying to do it that way because I tend to stumble my way through these things!! Using File Explorer and accessing the NAS that way lets me copy and paste. So thanks for your help.

Thank you, your reply for this question worked for me.

I was unable to cut copy paste the files on the files on WD Live. I read something about the mybooklive needed to be all caps " MYBOOKLIVE" etc and that did not work . I ttried a few other things that did not work.
I did

  1. Go to MY PC
  2. Right click on Mybook live and Open it rather than double click it.
  3. It asks for your user name and password. After you sign in ( if you remember them ) the folders appear with a green handle.
  4. You can open them and paste your files onto them.

Hope it works , It only took a few days ( and a few frustrated months in between ) to invent this wheel… Hope you dont have to.

This thread is scaring me. I just unboxed My Book and want to use it to copy files from my old system to my new system. Is it going to encrypt everything, rendering it useless??? I simply want to copy files to it, plug it into my new system, and drag everything onto the new system without any of the headaches noted above. Did I buy the wrong drive?