Copy picture in shared picture folder

hi -

every time i copy a folder of pictures into my mybook folder, in addition to copying the original picture in its original size, it also automatically create a subfolder for each picture containing 2 small files with the very same picture but in a lot smaller file size - anybody know what am i doing wron?  thx - alex


Those are transcodes for use with WDPhotos application.

thx Tony…so there is no way to get rid of them or stop WD generating those?  i find them annoying…

… then why are you using the Shared Pictures folder?  

well i guess, the all point of buying a mybook was to centralise all my pics in one place so that i can access both from my windows pc and my macbook…hence shouldnt i store them in “shared pics”?  what am i missing?

cheers - alex

Shared Pics is what WD Photos uses.

If you’re not planning on using WD Photos, then you can put them in ANY public share.

I don’t think that is our transcoder doing that. The transcoded files are stored in a hidden cache file.

What are you using to copy? What program are you using to view? Those sound like artifacts of either your OS or picture viewing program.

Thx tony. I am simply dragging folders from my c drive to the shared picture folder on mybook. Is this wrong? Thx for your help

Can you take a screenshot of a portion of the Shared Pictures folder showing the pictures and these subfolders and their contents?

hi tony - sorry was offline for a couple of days, how do i get a screenshot  pasted in this chat? or is there an email i can send it to?  thx

Just click the INSERT IMAGE icon and follow the prompts.