Copy photo onto iphone5

I tried download option. it’s seem to have done somethingbut I cannot find a photo anywhere. Can anybody help?

Look in the Downloads tab in the app.

Dumb questions from me:

I tried to find the MPW tutorial videos online and no luck.  Link please, anyone?

User guide no help either with this question – How to download videos, photos FROM MPW TO iPad/iPhome using My Cloud app?

Can i make the downloaded photos appear in photo app so i can edit?

Do an “Open In…” and select the photo editing app?

Unfortunately it does not let me open in any photo editing app. Very frustrating.

That is the way iOS works. Files are associated with Apps, and generally they aren’t shared with other Apps.

However an App like FileBrowser may be able to find the file, and the use “Open In” to open it in another App. I can’t remember how flexible is was as I haven’t used it in a while.

Also if you haven’t, take a look at the video I mentioned in your other thread, that is the “How To Use My Passport Wireless with iOS”, here: as it has some comments on Uploading photos from an iDevice to the MPW, and covers the My Cloud App better.

Also read my other comments in this thread:

I played around with File Browser Lite for a while and found I couldn’t get it to save an image in the Camera Roll, even though iit looks like it should do it, based on the on screen prompts.

However I posted a workaround over here:

I also want to save an image to Camera Roll in iPhone.  Does anyone know how to do it?

If nothing else can do it, one can always email an image to oneself, open in e.g. iphone, and then save image into camera roll.

It is impossible to download photos directly to the iPad/iPhone camera roll from the WD Wireless app.  However, WD could add this ability to the app.  Most of my other photo apps allow direct download to the camera roll. 

You can vote on this feature request over at the WD idea exchange at this link: