Copy of files other than just data?

How do I copy other items like installed software or programs onto my new Passport Essential?  My hard drive is giving me problems and I have many various programs and software that I really don’t want to reload again when I replace my hard drive.

One other question, how do I review (open) a file or picture in the Passport so I know just what I want to put back on my hard drive?  An example would be pictures, they are just numberd with a long number and I don’t know what it is…

Hi texasyankee.

One question, did you use WD Sync to save all your information on to the drive? Because if you did, thats why you are not able to open the file on the drive. WD Sync encrypts the information saved on the drive , and the only way for you to view the files on the drive, is within WD Sync.

Also WD Sync does not copy program files, or applications. In that case, i would suggest doing an image of your internal drive using Acronis True Image WD edition, and do an image of your drive. I have also heard of a backup software from Norton that actually does copy programs, its called Norton Ghost.

Thanks for the reply.  Your right, I probably didn’t save the proper way, probably because I didn’t realize just what WD Sync. was or is.  I guess I could delete the drive and do another save.  Disappointed that I can’t save programs and such, wouldn’t have bought the drive had I known that…  In fact, I now wish I wouldn’t have bought it at all.  Very disappointed with it.  When I run the drive it eats up nearly all of my CPU which is a Pentium 4 running at 1.8GHz and things come to a halt.

Thanks again for the info.  and have a good day

You can clone the internal drive and keep the image on the external drive.

Acronis can backup even programsm but you need to buy the software

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