Copy Mybooklive to Mycloud home duo

I have a mybooklive with about 1.5 TB on it that i want to transfer to my new my cloud home duo 8TB.
Problem is that via windows 10 i get transfer rates of about 5mbps… everything is hooked up with Gigabit lines and ports, so maybe there’s something “off” in my network as well…? Anyway, this is my setup:
1.0 DSL modem (solid 200 Mbps)
1.1 Mybooklive (ethernetcable)
1.2 Netgear Orbi RBR20 (ethernet cable)
1.2.1 My cloud home duo (ethernet cable)
1.2.2 Laptop (5Ghz wifi, also solid 200 Mbps)

Any ideas? Is there a way to transfer everything directly from one networkdisk to the other? I believe my laptop is now sort of a middleman.

The problem is normally the device that connects them all which would be the NetGear Orbi RBR20.
I don’t have one, so cannot help but I had a similar issue with my NetGear AC1750 Cable Modem router. Disable 2.4 GHz fixed my issues.
Have you posted your data transfer issue to the NetGear forums?

Thanks for the help! I got it running on the 5GHz band now and it’s transferring at ~10 MB/s which is a good improvement, but still relatively slow of course.

So no way to have these disk communicate directly?

10 MB/s sounds like Fast Ethernet limitation of 100 Mbps which means something is not gigabit for some reason.

You’re right, any ideas on how to best examine the network to figure out if there’s a 100Mbit node or cable somewhere? There mist be some kind of software to analyze this right?