Copy My Cloud Configuration/Settings from Old Device to New My Cloud


I have had a My Cloud in service for several years performing just fine, however, recently it has become a bit temperamental so I bought a new one and want to install it before the old one drops out. I know I can clone the old to the new drive, however, I think that only relates to data on the drive; not the configuration and settings. I have a lot of settings that I do not want to manually recreate. Is there a way to copy the configuration and settings prior to performing a clone or will the act of cloning automatically copy over the old settings to the new drive.

Thank you

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Check the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Utilities page to see if there is an option to save a System Configuration File.

However if the second, replacement, newer My Cloud is a different version or generation than the old My Cloud then it may not be possible to sync the configuration settings from the old My Cloud to the new My Cloud.

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