Copy Movies / Songs directly from PC to WD

Hi , 

Usually I am using my linux machine to download movies and songs . After that I will transfer thoese content via a USB cable to directly to the Media Player. This method I have been using for A.C Ryan. we can transfer files directly to the device. It  is very easy to manage the device also. We can format , create partiotions …so on.

But in the WD it is very difficult to  copy those contents. I had to copy thoese contect to my external HDD then I copied to the WD. This is an real pain ful situation.

Can some body tell me how  do we transfer contents from PC to WD via a USB cable ?

Thank you


Hi Friend, 

As per the thread you given me is , it is not possible to transfer files via a USB cable directly from a PC. This is what I got fianally.

As I mentioned in the first mail , I am using Fedora 14 (ext4/HPFS) to download movies and songs.Once I downloded the content , usually what I do is , my Fedora PC connects with the Media Player , Then the Fedora automatically identify the Media player 's HDD and it will mount to the Fedora’s file system. After that I can transfer without any problem.

Since the WD has NTFS file system , I tried to configure SAMBA to share downloaded contents.I could see Linux Sharing and Windows Sharing in WD menu it self. But  I unable to open any of those folders . Do we need to do smthing in the WD configurations ?

Thank you