Copy Manager only copying up 4gb

This subject may have been approached on here before but I have don’t a search and cannot find anything.

I have a 1tb My Book World addition and have now purchased a 2tb essential drive as my media collection is expanding faster than I expected.

I connected it all up last night and run copy managed through the night to transfer all my movies across to the external drive.  When I woke this morning, all seemed to be ok but then I noticed that there is no file over 4gb on there.  Which is annoying as I have a lot of blu ray movies of over 20gb.

How do I get copy manager to be able to copy the larger files?

This sounds dumb, but try copying one at a time and see if that fixes it.  Also, what format is the USB drive in?

Thanks, figured it out firday evening.  the drive was formatted in FAT32 and obviously that was the problem…all resolved now thank you

My friend, I’m trying to figure out if World Edition does accept files overs 4 GB, since I didn’t find this info anywhere… so I guess it does, right? And your USB drive is formatted into NTFS now? That’s how you solved it?

Thanks in advance!!