'Copy Link' on the desktop app

hello all!

This feature used to work great and was a super simple way for me to basically send files to other people.  Since i changed ISP (from virgin when it worked, to SKY Fibre) it no longer works, it will generate a link for me to copy, but when pasted into an address bar absolutely nothing happens.

This is for the desktop app, I havent tried the IOS app as I dont want to use email addresses.

So im wondering if perhaps it has something to do with ports that i need to open in the sky router.  As I said, I dont believe the WD cloud is ‘broken’, I think the feature is being blocked.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Anyone?  Kinda need it for a project.

RyLeTo wrote:

Anyone?  Kinda need it for a project.

When I had the link broken, even by email I did

Access the Dashboard of the My Cloud and please navigate to Settings > General > Cloud Access > Configure, which will opens you the window with “Cloud Access Connection Options”. Please switch the “Connectivity” from Auto to Manual and make sure that the External Port 1 is set up on 80 and Port 2 on 443.

No port forwarding on my router, just UPNP. If you do not have UPNP then you might need to port forward the ports above.

Everything works now, including copy link. Might work for you.

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Thank you! Works perfectly now, I selected manual and created two services 80,443 and then opened the ports for both. Works a treat now, thank you very very much!