Copy from USB attached Router to WDMycloud

Hi everyone,

I’ve an usb drive attached to my router, I want to bring some files n folders to WDmyCloud, BUT I don’t wanna this tranfers using a computer… the estimated time to make these copy is something about 1day 10h.

So I logged on WDmyCloud using SSH, and trying to access USB attached Router using a simple FTP, but a message shows the FTP doesnt installed.

SFTP doesnt not supported by USB attached router!

Generally it is recomended to attach the USB drive either directly to the PC which is in turn directly connected via ethernet to the router to which the WD My Cloud is attached to, or to connect the USB drive direct to the USB port on the back of the WD My Cloud when it comes to transfering large amounts of data from an external USB drive to the WD My Cloud.

It is also generally recommended when transferring data from a USB drive that is attached to the WD My Cloud to use either SSH to trigger the WD My Cloud to transfer the data or use the WD My Cloud Desktop app or WD My Cloud mobile app to do the file/data copying. The reason why it is slow copying when using a PC to access both a router attached USB drive and the WD My Cloud is because your having the data transfer from the router attached USB device through the PC then to the WD My Cloud rather than from the router attached USB device directly to the WD My Cloud. Because of how one’s PC is connected to their local network, that connection can have a great impact on transfer speeds.

On top of what has been replied;

You didn’t mention which router but since it’s a NAS like router, I believe it’s using Samba other than FTP. Just to test, run below on your WDMyCloud shell:

smbclient -U router_username //router_hostname_ip/share router_passwordsmb: \> ??              allinfo        altname        archive        blocksizecancel         case_sensitive cd             chmod          chownclose          del            dir            du             echoexit           get            getfacl        geteas         hardlinkhelp           history        iosize         lcd            linklock           lowercase      ls             l              maskmd             mget           mkdir          more           mputnewer          open           posix          posix_encrypt  posix_openposix_mkdir    posix_rmdir    posix_unlink   print          promptput            pwd            q              queue          quitreadlink       rd             recurse        reget          renamereput          rm             rmdir          showacls       seteasetmode        stat           symlink        tar            tarmodetranslate      unlock         volume         vuid           wdellogon          listconnect    showconnect    ..             !smb: \> exit

Note below onwards are not supported by WD and may void your warranty.

If you can login successfully and run the commands above, you can also mount the router’s share onto WDMyCloud to do some fancy scripting stuffs:

mkdir /mnt/router;
mount -t cifs -o user=router_username //router_hostname_ip/share /mnt/router;
ls /mnt/router;

To unmount:

umount /mnt/router;

You can even mount permanently at boot time, append below to /etc/fstab:

//router_hostname_ip/share /mnt/router cifs rsize=16777157,wsize=16777157,user=router_username,pass=router_password 0 0

Or hide your username/password else where:

//router_hostname_ip/share /mnt/router cifs rsize=16777157,wsize=16777157,credentials=/home/Nazar/.config/.credentials 0 0

Contents of /home/Nazar/.config/.credentials: