Copy from MyBook #1 to MyBook 2

All my data is on Mybook Live

I also have a Mybook World edition (blue ring) and would like to backup automatically every night the data from Livr to World.

How can I do that without involving a PC ? 


Without involving a computer, this will not be possible.

…both of them are  computers.

There should be a way of doing that ?


Dude, connect both NAS drives to a switch/router that is able to recognize both of them at once on a single or separate computers and then copy the files.

You NEED at least one computer to do it.

I will find out, but I dont think it is going to be here…:wink:

You are kind of right in thinking that they both are computers but they are limitted in what they can do.

Here is the thing, this are devices that have been programed to performed certain tasks such streaming meida, storing data, RAID capabilities etc but… they are limitted to do what they were designed to do.

If you want to make them so somethng different you will need another device that can actually do that such a PC. 

Without this you only have the capabilities of a NAS: