Copy files in WD MyCLoud Windows App - limit 4 files?

I have a 3TB MyCLoud and a 4TB MyBook connected via USB3. I am trying to copy 200 video files from a MyCloudshare to a MyBook Share (backup) via the Windows MyCloud desktop application.

No matter how many files I select to copy (copy/paste), only 4 files will be copied. So even if I select 10 files to copy to the target folder, the first 4 are copied and the rest of the selection is discarded.

I am curious: is this a general problem, or am I doing something wrong here? Did anyone find a workaround?

Thanks for letting me know…

Have you tried selecting all that you want to move and then do a drag and drop? Drag them all over onto the top of the share where you want them.

Thanks… Yes, I tried, but drag&drop moves the files, instead of copying them. That is why I use copy/paste in the right mouse menu…