Copy files from MBL to PC HDD


The file from MBL starts to copy with about 80mb/sec

then going to zero then up again then to zero the to 30MB/sec the to zero. with en one avi file or two or three large 700m files.

All connected to gigabit lan .

I can copy to MBL without any Problems about 55MB /sec

HDD can write enought latest firmware and all newest standard

even connected with ftp to mbl =same thing as copying from windows explorer (win7 64bit)

WD TONY  or   TonyPh12345  Know an Answer ?

No idea.

Might be crappy router. Are you doing something else in your network when copy files?

(like copy files from internet in same time with high speed).

Happened to me when i used some ■■■■ TP router which could not hold high speeds decently.

Switched to Netgear WNDR3700 , flashed dd-wrt firmware and no problems ever since.

copying file via gigabit switch directly mbl-switch-PC

When i copy to mbl theres no Problem and continous 55-60 MB /S

really strange

no downloads or other thins running on network