Copy File is Fast. Time Machine Slow


I’m usin OSX Maveriks. I’ve also upgraded the firmware on Mybooklive to the latest (which supports maverikcs).

By looking at Activity Monitor (Network)

  • I can copy files between 5-7mpbs.
  • time machine backs up incredibly incredibly slow. 100k. Sometimes it goes to 5mbs in spurts, but it’s slow. Slower than normal…

The other day, TimeMachine said it had to do a new backup, and delete the old one (not sure why). Annoying, but whatever…I can survice. But now the new backup is just not backing up…it’s taking forever.


I’d test if you’re having speed issues with the MBL on other systems. It could be drive itself showing warning signs.

Change the ethernet cable, try a direct (hard-wired) connection and other Macs using and not using MRCKS.

 Sorry, but your answer has nothing to do with what I said? Totally off mark.

  • When I copy files from my laptop to the mybook, I get great speeds (7-13mbs)
  • When I use Time Machine I get 100k 

That’s clearly an issue to do with TimeMachine being screwed up…not the drive, or network as you suggest???

SOLUTION THAT WORKED FOR ME - (use at own risk blah blah blah)

You need to DELETE TimeMachine from the MyBook, and start again:

  1. Go to Dashboard ->  http://mybooklive.local/

  2. Go to Shares

  3. click the Trashcan on the offending TimeMachine folder

  4. Create a New Share (make it public)

  5. Click Settings -> System - Mac Backups

  6. Enable, and select the Share you just created.

  7. go to TimeMachine preferences

  8. Select Disk

  9. Select the Share you just created

Presto…“fast” backups again (Not that 7mbs is a fast backup, but definitly beats 100k!!!)

By the way here’s a great tip to see if you’re backups are slow…or even just to test how fast transfers form your Macbook to the mybook live are:

  1. Go to Activity Monitor

  2. Select Network

  3. And analyse “Data Sent/sec” figure.

To get most accurate results close browsers, and torrents etc…there’ll still be a little bit of overhead from network traffic…but it will be negligable.