Copy Failure between Transmission and Public Folders (My Cloud OS 5)

First time poster - be kind :slight_smile:

I don’t know why this has suddenly started to happen but when I’m transferring files from my Transmission folder across to Public folders - it appears to fail and I lose connection to the folders.

I reboot and try again and it is more miss than hit until eventually everything fails when I’m looking to transfer.

Am I alone with this issue?

Do you own the 2nd generation WDMYCLOUD?

I usually drag and drop if I want to move something to another share. See image below.

What My Cloud model are you using?
What firmware is the My Cloud running? (See My Cloud Dashboard for firmware version)
Is Transmission running on the My Cloud?
If so is Transmission’s download folder on the My Cloud?
What computer and or program are you using to copy files from the Transmission download location to the “public folders” location? (Windows, Mac, other? - Windows File Manager, Mac Finder, - other?)
Are you initiating the copy of the files on the local network or through a remote network connection (, VPN, FTP, etc.)?
How is the My Cloud and computer connected to the local network? Using WiFi on the computer or using any sort of range extender or power line network adapters for the My Cloud?
Is an error message displayed and if so what is the specific error message?
Have you tried rebooting the My Cloud?
Does the My Cloud have a fixed or reserved IP address?
Did Transmission finish/complete the download of the file(s) before attempting to copy the download file(s) to another location?