Copy delay 30-40sec

I just brought 1.5TB essential for backup data uses. During the backup(manual copy, not use smartware) around 180G files, my book will not response around 30-40sec after 40G (the light not flash) and computer also showing waiting…after 40’s and continuous copy files…and later one, happen again…is that something wrong with new drive?

Should i go to exchange the new one within 7 days? It’s happen in PC and Mac with that drive, so i think not the computer problem…

Also, during the backup, it showing 52C on drive, is that safe temperature?  Since my doesn’t got any fan to cool it down…

Same problem when I was using the Firewire (IEEE 1394) connection with Windows 7.

Use USB or eSATA.

Please note:

I use eSATA when I’m ready for backuping very large files immediately when I plug the HD.

Otherwise, use USB if you want to work on your computer and keep the HD plugged all the time.

This is because after 7 min of stand-by time, the HD goes in sleep mode.

The USB port will be able to wake up the HD, but not the eSATA port : the HD will dissapear (This bug is due to the JMicron JMB36X Controller used at 99% on motherboards eSATA port.)

52°C for a HD is cold…