Copy data on EX4 to PR4100

Is there a way to copy my data on My Cloud EX4 to My Cloud PR4100 using the USB 3.0 port(USB port backups). I dont want to use (Remote Backups) because First: low Data Transfer Speed . If I want to copy 2TB from My Cloud EX4, to My Cloud PR4100 at speeds of 8MB/s and sometimes at 5MB/s, it comes out to about 60 hours or more than that, Second, the bundle that allows me to receive limited internet usage, I don’t have (UNLIMITED INTERNET), So, the limited internet data will be gone and the speed connective will be drop down whole the month i think.

Please help… if there are ways to copy my files between two NAS via the USB 3.0 port and then make my My Cloud EX4 a back up for My Cloud PR4100.

I appreciated your times.


Not sure if this is possible as the USB ports will not detect another network drive on that port to transfer the data.