Is it possible in the next firmware update of WDTV GEN1 to include the following instructions COPY, CUT, PASTE, MOVE and DELETE to files on an attached thru USB HD drive. ALSO is there any hope we will ever playback AAC on the WDTV GEN1?


Kevin Davison

This will be the best function if they can accomodate in the file manager

ok everyone keeps forgetting rename… but anyway there is an idea area where u can post ideas and this is already a popular one and im sure they know ppl want it

If you want to get technical, you don’t need cut and paste if you have move, and I think one of the reasons rename isn’t really on anyone’s list is because what people want (to start with) is the same functionality that you’ll find in the Gen2 and the Live. The options are provided through the ‘File Management’ feature of these newer devices (Copy, Move, and Delete) but even those don’t have any functionality to rename files. It would be nice, but it’s a longer shot than just getting the copy, move, and delete functions. Really though, this should have been included from the start and the fact that it wasn’t indicates to me that there is a pretty big problem in the way they’re developing their firmware, which is why I suggested they fix that before adding any other new features…