Copy check, AND synchronize meaning for backup

Hi, I setup a “USB Backup” to run each time I plug in my camera.

There is an option to “copy” or “synchronize.”

I set to Copy, and did a few tests.

The problem is I had a file named “00000.MTS” that was copied to the “Destination folder” (as intended).

But then I put in a new SD card into the camera, and againt connected the device, which had a DIFFERENT version (different size and content) of a file again named “00000.MTS.”

So what the Backup job did was replace the old “00000.MTS” version with the new version, which is VERY BAD because if this had not been a test, I would lose the orginal (and different) video file!!!

How can I prevent a “copy” overwrite?

So then I looked at the synchronize option as an altertive. Does it compare files and asks you which to keep, or both like Windows does?

What exactly does synchronize mean in relation to camera connections? Does it copy all files that are in the “Destination folder” to the camera’s “Source folder” (two way sync)?

Or is it only a one way sync: in that it only checks “Destination folder,” and if the  “Source folder” does have a different file, then it copies it to the “Destination folder;” but it compares (or syncs) the file, and if different, it copies/keeps both versions?

Please help tell how I can do an auto backup that keeps both file versions instead of replacing the newer one.

(Camera backup is not working for me yet; support is working on it).


I haven’t try this personally, have you tried contacting WD Support for direct information.

WD Support Contact info: