Copy and Paste

Probably the wrong place for this post. I’m a noob, sorry.

Please Help: I can copy and paste video files from my pc to the hubs’ internal drive, but not the other way around.

What gives?

OK, small files do copy and paste back to the pc, such as jpegs etc.

Although large mkv (25GB) files do not.

Possible size limit??

Thanks all, after googling the subject, I find all kinda ways to copy and paste files TO the hub (not an issue, works as expected), and practically nothing about  copy and pasting FROM the hub back to pc.

Other than it is near impossible!!!

From what I gather, the Sigma processor does not allow for file transfers the other way. At least not LARGE files.

Someone please tell me I’m full of sh*t.

And then give me some guidance on how to perform a file transfer FROM the Hub back to my PC or a thumb drive connected to the hub. HELP???

  the Sigma processor does not allow for file transfers the other way

Hogwash.  Where are you getting all of that?

You haven’t said what happens when you try.

Are you getting error messages or something?

Yes, there is an error message.

Can’t see your image.  What does it say?

Sorry, the image may be too small to see.

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I had a lot of trouble copying files early on. I don’t know if my walls are made of titanium or something but I have wireless issues in my house. So you may be having problem maintaining network connection during the transfer. I downloaded RichCopy and I have had no problems since. You might want to try it (I have transferred both ways, though not with 25GB files!). I posted this revelation here: You can get RichCopy here:

Are you on a wired or wireless network? If wireless you may, as have others, found that copying large files this way is often unreliable. The best way to transfer files from/to the Hub is with a USB hard drive.

The Live Hub is hardwired to my  router, it would not stream 1080p wirelessly.

Tried Rich Copy with no luck. I do appreciate the help though.