Copies Files via Network while Playing 1080p Files but cannot Playback when Copying via USB?

I noticed something Interesting. The Hub cannot copy Files via USB Drive attached to it, and playback any Video at the same time. But while you are playing a full on 1080p video, you can copy files to it via Network from the PC.

What the heck? What’s the issue? File Copy should be possible using USB while doing a Playback, so why isn’t this supported?

I don’t understand your question.

If you’re copying files from the USB drive via Sync, it should work.

If you’re copying files via the UI commands, of course that won’t work because the UI is busy copying the files and you can’t go browse the other media.

If you’re copying files from USB to internal via a PC file browser, well, that “tripple-dips” the network interface and will overload the network so that it can’t play files.

If you’re copying files from the network while playing from USB, that’s only going to be a “single-dip” on the network.

If you’re copying files from the network while playing from the network, that’s surprising that it’s working, but possible I guess…


Option Number 2.

Unable to play media during this operation.

Can this be resolved?

No, as Tony stated the UI is busy.  The UI is only capable of preforming one operation at a time.