Cool It Down!

I’ve been thinking of adding an external fan to cool down my WDTV Hub.

If I add one of these to the USB drive on the Hub will it power it up? It works fine on my PC

I have one but I’m not game to connect it in case the voltage from the USB port isdifferent and it fries either device!

If you have one and wish to try it, you could plug it into a powered hub or other USB power source.

I have added cooling on all my WD hubs and think it is a good thing, but would not power the fans using the WD.

The USB ports are more valuable as added storage, even though the voltage should be OK, the amp draw may/could add more demand to the internal power supply…  Could work, but better with external power. IMHO

Good luck, Dan

should work

I’ve got a laptop cooler under my smp

powered by the smp’s usb port

I’ve got a different make model, but should still work, just fine

Thanks…OK I’m getting my nerve up to try…

Do you the leave the fans on 24/7?

_ Do you the leave the fans on 24/7? _

Yes, if the WD is pluged in, it is live, so I have my fan powered from the same strip as the WD.

Power mine off just for bad weather.