Converting NTFS to FAT32 (My Book Essential 1TB)

I bought the 1TB external WD but later I found out the file system are NTFS and i need to convert it to FAT32 in order to be recognized through my PS3 (PS3 recognize FAT32 only) , please is there a way to do this?

okay i tryed command promot for converting it reached 30%~ after 2hours maybe, then the cmd said that the volume is to big and stopped converting! So now all I can think of is “SwissKnife” is this program recommended?

Windows has a max partition size of 32 GB’s for FAT 32.  You will need to use a 3rd party formatting software to convert the entire drive to FAT 32.  If you know someone with a Mac, they can format the whole drive using the MSDOS partitioning scheme to format the drive in FAT 32 for you.


well I downloaded that trial version but it says my hard drive is too big to convert although I did receive an email from em saying they would send me a full version free if i answered the 3 question survey but I yet to see the full version email even after I answered their questions

hey are you still in need of converting ntfs to fat32? if so then have a look here  in particular the last post with PA link. I managed to format my hdd (lost everything obviously but this is what I expected) fortunately I have an internal hdd with original data.

let me know how things turnout for you.

Thanks I have been working on this for over a week Tried a lot of sites and some were questionable bought a case that holds both hard drives 2 t each,  I thought I was on a role when I got my computer to accept the format command line. 6 hours later half way, went to bed got up nothing. Went online again seen your note and remembered I used PM 15 years ago or more. Downloaded but my sys is 64 so I dished out the small amount it asked for and got the VERSION I needed with in 5 min the job was done well worth the cost. Most of my computers are 32 bit so if I need to do anything on them they have the free download.

You can format it using this site. Just click on the picture to download software and run software to format to FAT32.