Converting a WD Hard Drive from Pc to Mac

I have a Wd Hard Drive that I have been using with a PC but now that I have bought a Mac I want to use it with the Mac.  Can I convert it over?

Try NTFS-3G and see fi that works if so you won’t have to do anything with the drive.


Would this erase the information that is all ready saved in the WD External drive?

If you reformat the drive it will wipe everything. How is it formatted now? If you have been using this drive on Windows and didn’t reformat it it is already NTFS try the second solution NTFS-3G on the Mac and it won’t have any affect on the data on the drive now.


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Hi, Joe! Sorry, I am a bit of a dunce about this. I just hooked it up and used it with my PC, I don’t recall doing any formatting, but just not sure! I have it currently hooked to my MacBook and it allows me to pull information onto my Mac but it has not allowed me to save any info from my Mac onto the WD. Any suggestions?

That’s because the drive is now formatted for Windows and is read only from the Mac. Try downloading and installing NTFS-3G on the Mac. Then you should be able to read and write to the external.