Convert .wtv file to dvr-ms not working...what can I do?

I’ve got windows 7 64-bit and the utility that once worked to convert .wtv files to dvr-ms quit working. I can initiate the utility, but it stops converting after only a few moments without explanation. Is there another means to make Windows recorded TV veiwable on my WD TV Live Media Player?

I’m a bit miffed since it is clearly advertised as compatible with Windows 7 and I downloaded and installed the Windows 7 update to no avail:cry:

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The Live is, of course, completely compatible with WIndows 7, but that doesn’t mean it can play every single weird or odd file format out there (and WTV is a VERY weird and odd propriertary file format).

A simple Google will reveal many ways to convert such files, such as this:

Thanks, Mike…I should have thought of that myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Depending on whether the .wtv is Standard Definition (SD) or High Definition (HD), I use the following:

MCEBuddy - to convert SD to .MP4 (shareware - works very well)

Media Converter 4 Platinum - to convert HD to .MP4 ($40 bucks)

Both can monitor the “Recorded TV” folder and convert automatically.