Convert to RAID 1

I have searched and searched, but cannot seem to find any instructions on how to convert the RAID setup on my brand new DX4000 8Gb.  It came from factory setup for RAID 5 Striping but I would prefer to use the 4 drives as a mirrored set using RAID 1.  For the life of me I cannot find the instructions to do this.  All the marketing inf osays it can be set that way.

Any ideas on where to find the instructions?  Thanks

The Sentinel will only support RAID 1 with 2 hard drives installed. Once the unit has 3 or 4 drives installed, it automatically converts to RAID 5 and cannot be set back to RAID 1 or RAID 0.

You can’t mirror 4 drives anyway can you?  At best you would have two 2tb mirrors for 4gb.   So you get 6tb with the raid 5

Thanks all

I guess I was hoping for the ability to a RAID 0 + 1.  Where the first 2 drives were a stripe set then the second 2 drives (also a stripe set) but mirrored the first 2 for pure 100% data redundancy.  I guess I under simplified the process to a simple RAID 1.

What is the risk of data loss with a single drive failing in RAID 5?



There is no data loss with a single drive failure

No data loss with a single drive failure on RAID 5.  However I would suggest that you purchase a UPS for power outage support.  This is recommended.