Convert Rocket 62X card from "low profile" to "full height" pci bracket

Is there a place to purchase  a bracket that has the “tapping holes” or “tabs” for putting the two screws into the Rocket 62X (RocketRaid 62X62W) card? This “host adapter” card comes with the WDC 3TB drive (but no cabling and no full height bracket for the card).  I need a full height bracket with tabs to replace the “low profile” which has tabs and is secured to the Rocket card.  The bracket is sometimes called the “back bracket”, “backbracket” and possibly “backplate”).

I’ve spent a lot of time searching on-line and the “buy it by gross” or “just mill your own” answers are not the answers I’m looking for.  I need links, partnumbers, name of part .  thanks.


Any computer store should be able to provide those parts for you.