Convert old PC to DNS (freedns?) and connect to WDTV Live?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to me to run a network cable from my router to my WDTV, and I’ve trying streaming from my PC to the WDTV over wireless and the connection lag is too much for me. 

So now I’ve been thinking of converting an old PC that I have lying around into a NAS (is freedns the best option?), have all my files transfered automatically from my PC to this newly converted NAS and use the WDTV connected to the NAS play the files. To recap :

PC -> NAS -> WDTV -> TV

So my questions are: 

  1. How would I connect the WDTV to the converted NAS

  2. Is it easier to just keep the old PC running Windows 7?

  3. Does it take a long time for the WDTV to recognize the NAS or is it just like a USB drive, a matter of seconds?

  4. Is there a better alternative you can recommend?

The reason why I don’t connect the old PC directly to the TV is because 1. it doesn’t have a HDMI or VGA connector (I don’t feel like buying an adaptor nor a new vid card) and I much prefer the easy navigation of the WDTV.

Thank you for any help!

Not really sure how you want the set up to be but if you can take a look at the user manuel  there are some options for setup in it.

I use a PC as a server and stream to the WDTV. I get that this isn’t exactly what ypu are wanting to do since I use the network and don’t have the PC right next to the WDTV. But, streaming from content stored on a PC works fine.

One issue you might have - if you rely on the Media Library feature it does not work with network shares, and I presume that means it also would not work with NAS shares either.

Why don’t you just et an exernal hard drive? Are you just tring to save money by using an old PC?