Convert mybookworld to standard storage device

I have a NAS, MBW 2TB blue lights that I haven’t used for a very long time so can’t even remember what I have stored on it. Can anyone tell me how I can wipe it clean and make it a standard storage device so I can add it for extra storage to a WD My Cloud?

  • Remove the hard drive from the MBW Enclosure

  • Buy a 3rd Party USB Enclosure (make sure it supports 2TB hard drives. Advice, look for one that supports up to 4TB or higher in case you want to upgrade storage capacity with another hard drive in the future.,)

  • Insert MBW hard drive into 3rd Party USB Enclosure

  • Connect to a PC via USB … format hard drive NTFS

  • Optional: Copy data to the Hard drive while connected to PC via USB (this will be faster than transferring data via LAN when the USB Enclosure is connected to the WD My Cloud)

  • Safely Eject

  • Connect to WD My Cloud USB Port for expanded storage

  • Done.

Thanks for your reply. I have 2 other WD hard drives, so if I remove these from their enclosures, do you think I can use these instead of buying a new one?