Convert My Passport Mac to PC compatible

I have a My Passport for MAC, model wdbaab5000ach-02, which was initialized on a macbook.  I no longer have access to a mac and I am wondering if there is there a way to use the drive on a PC.  As of now my PC recognizes a drive has been connected (the hardware icon appears in the menu tray) but it does not show up under my computer.  I don’t want to reformat the drive (if that’s possible) until I have an opportunity to back up the information that’s on it.

Thanks for your help.

There is software out that allows your PC to read a Mac formatted drive.  Just Google it.  You can use to pull the data of the drive.  However, you will need the appropriate software to read unique file types.   If you want to be able to use the drive on a pc without that Mac conversion software, you can go into Disk Management, delete the partition, repartition and format the drive in a Windows format.  Then you can use the drive freely in a Windows environment.  However, that does destroy the data that’s on the drive now.